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Ritu Housing is the best option to invest in either a Residential Property or in a Commercial Property. Know more on where to invest in Kanpur.

Where to Invest in Kanpur? In Residential Projects or Commercial Projects

Investing in real estate is a far more promising option than investing in other funds and policies due to real estate market being less susceptible to any major market swings. Hence you have better chances at diversifying the portfolio and minimizing the risks involved.

Real estate is categorized into two basic categories - residential and commercial properties.  And, if you are thinking of investing in real estate in Kanpur, it is always better to understand the pros and cons of investing in either kind of properties.

Pros of Investing in Residential properties 

When you are investing in a residential property, the risks involved is much lesser and the level of stress is also less. You have one or two tenants to worry about and take care of one or two properties at a time. Also, getting into the market is easier and so is the amount of required investment. One option most residential property investors chose is the fix and flip option wherein you buy a property and fix it till completion and sell it when the place is ready to be occupied. This way, the investment rate is quite less and the stress of handling the tenants is non-existent.

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Cons of Investing in residential property

Nothing is without disadvantages, thus residential property investment in Kanpur makes it difficult for the owners, if the tenants leave unexpectedly and they have to wait till the next occupant is found and finding the new tenants can be tiresome. 

Pros of Commercial properties 

Commercial properties sphere includes office buildings and spaces, raw land, commercial complexes, shopping malls, and warehouses and are created with the aim of generating income.

Commercial properties provide higher return on investment and opportunity to gain regular income on the properties invested. All you need is to find the good real estate companies in Kanpur and land a commercial property or two in an upscale place and reduce the overhead expenses and you are sure to catch an amazing deal.

Cons of commercial properties

Owning a commercial property comes with their own downsides too. For one, managing commercial properties, paying the prevalent taxes, managing tenants can be quite tiresome. Sometimes you need to hire third party property dealer in Kanpur to find and manage tenants, collect rent and keep up with the changing market scenarios.  

Where to invest in Kanpur?

Kanpur is witnessing a boom in the real estate sphere with both commercial and world-class residential properties on a rise. The choice to invest solely depends on the kind of return you are looking from your investment. If the aim is to get higher returns but with higher risks, commercial property investment is better but if you are happy with a smaller and comfortable return rate, residential properties are a better place to invest in.