What are the New Technologies used in Real Estate?.

Nowadays, there are latest technologies coming up in the market and here you can find the latest technologies used in Real Estate.

What are the new technologies used in Real Estate?

We Have a Confession to Make!

Never have we seen so much progression, oh so quickly! One of the most important sectors of the economy- real estate, has been increasingly developing and at a relatively fast pace, owing to some unbelievable advancements due to the latest construction technology. Don’t believe us? Read on, to get updated with the latest technologies used in Real Estate that are acting as catalysts for this rapid growth right from Virtual reality to 5G, AI and more.

Virtual and augmented reality

Nearly half of all potential homebuyers seek properties on the internet, first. Virtual and augmented reality will hence make the online analysis and home buying escapade even more exciting and accessible and from the comfort of their own homes! This has been one of the biggest additions to the latest building technology


The 5th Gen Technology will provide more bandwidth that will allow more smart devices and sensors to connect to the internet. The higher bandwidth will create truly wireless workplaces and potentially allow more workers to telecommute.


Artificial intelligence would allow a real estate agent to conduct showings via merely a tablet or with a chatbot. AI will also be able to help predict pricing trends more accurately, which is a big plus point if you’re really invested in real estate! As the fact goes- every strong structure requires an even stronger foundation, let us take you through the technology in the construction industry which is seeing a massive boom period! 1.


Rapidly moving from science fiction to reality, robots acknowledge shortcomings in the construction industry, hence increase not only efficiency and productivity but also precision and accuracy in this niche. They also benefit labourers by reducing injuries.


- Originally created for military use and patient mobility, these are now used at construction sites. Providing with far more safety to the manual workers, they help evenly distribute weight. Other benefits include- an increased grip strength using sensors, reduces back stress and can also act as a chair when there really isn’t any.

The connected Jobsite

It utilizes ‘cloud technology’ to make information available to all included parties, regardless of whether or not they are on site. In short, it makes everybody’s lives incredibly easier!

3D concrete printing

This saves a lot of time; it potentially reduces a 2-week job to just 3-4 days. Moreover, this reduces not only risks of injury at work but also the environmental impact as less waste is produced.

Now that you’re well aware of the latest technologies, let us dive into one of the most flourishing cities in India that make optimum usage of technology, hence thriving in the real estate niche.

When one door closes, buy another one and open it yourself! A city at the forefront of tech development really helps connect you with the above line. The idea of creating a sustainable tomorrow with the right amalgamation of the government & citizens together, lets us venture into one of the smartest city in India - Kanpur. In the state of UP, Kanpur has successfully secured the first place, said municipal commissioner and CEO of Kanpur Smart City Limited- Santosh Kumar Sharma.

Let’s quickly skim through just a few incentives, so to say, to buy a flat in Kanpur- The one point most dear to everybody - the cost of living at Kanpur is relatively low! This city is witnessing some of the best residential real estate projects and to top it off, it is one of the most developed towns of central Uttar Pradesh, coming up with multiple architectural and medical facilities for its citizens. Kanpur is witnessing a boom with both residential and commercial properties. Your choice to invest in property in Kanpur wholly depends on the kind of return you are banking on. If you can be content with a safer and comfortable return rate, residential properties are for you, but if your objective is to get higher returns hence at increased risks, commercial property investment is recommendable.

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