Finally, Kanpur will have metro rail to outsmart other cities in India..

Kanpur which was recently placed 8th in the list of smart cities in India is now all set to have a metro rail to boost its current status. Already the smartest city in Uttar Pradesh will be getting a metro after the construction of its first pillar near the Indian Institute of Technology.

Kanpur has always been a hub of industrial revolution and development. The Leather Capital of The World has always attracted people and opportunities alike since ages. Even today, it is one of the major economic contributors in Uttar Pradesh. However, the national presence was diminishing since the last quarter of a century but not anymore. Finally, the people of Kanpur will have the luxury of enjoying metro in Kanpur.

It’s not been long since Kanpur made it to the Top 10 Smart Cities in India, now it is all set to move up the ladder from the current 8th position with the proposed metro rail line. On October 2nd, the construction of pillars kick started for laying the metro track near the Indian Institute of Technology. One of India’s leading real estate developers, Afcons Infra, has bagged this mega 735 crore civic development project.

Kanpur Metro, a rail-based mass transit system is planned for the city of Kanpur and also extendable to the Kanpur metropolitan area. RITES, a renowned engineering consultancy have studied the feasibility of the project in 2015 giving it a green signal. The prime focus of the study was to control traffic woes and congestion that can hamper the growth, development and prosperity of the city.

The proposed Metro Rail course incorporates IIT, Rawatpur, Bada Chauraha, Motimahal, Kanpur Central, ISBT Jhakarkatti and Naubasta. As proposed, the metro course would start from IIT Kalyanpur-Rawatpur, Mall Road, Phoolbagh, Kanpur Central Station, and transport terminal of Jhakarkati-Kidwai Nagar viaTransport Nagar intersection to Naubasta. On this highway, 17 km track would be aerial and the rest 8 km would be underground. A lifeted course from IIT to Harsh Nagar and from Chunniganj to ISBT Jhakarkatti by means of Parade, Bada Chauraha and Central Station the course will be underground and a hoisted track from Transport Nagar to Naubasta.

The Kanpur metro after a delay of almost 2 years has finally started taking shape and the people of Kanpur are really excited with this development. Metro in Kanpur will definitely revive the present scenario of the city and help it in regaining the national presence it had.

Manoj Kaushik, who runs a printing press, said that since Kanpur is growing bigger everyday with traffic getting from bad to worse, the proposed Kanpur Metro would help in decongestion.

Ram Kalyan, a student, Geeta Prasad, a housewife, and several other people said the metro would impact Kanpur a lot with several people benefiting from it in terms of new job opportunities and faster and cheaper travels across the city.

Not just the people but the relevant authorities such as Kanpur Development Authority (KDA), Avas Vikas Parishad and the UPSIDC along with the state government are enthusiastic about this project which is being considered as one of the biggest development projects in Kanpur since post independence.

However, some sections of the society are also creating roadblocks by protesting against the proposed rail network. Most of them have ancestral homes which they don’t want to let go at any cost. But, the Kanpur Metro as of now is on course and is all set to be completed as early as possible.