Independent Housing in Kanpur: What People Need to Know.

An old rustic city, Kanpur, like many other cities in India, has been developing at a rapid pace. Similarly, the need for independent housing too has bloomed in the region. However, before going headfirst into buying a flat in Kanpur, one should be mindful of a few things. Here's what people need to know...

Kanpur, a metropolitan city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is nestled on the banks of the Ganges. It holds a major financial and industrial position in Northern India and is the main centre for commercial activities. Many families have been attracted by this city to invest in the properties for sale in Kanpur due to its quiet lifestyle and adequate employment opportunities.

Kanpur is a city that has an old rustic charm to it. But with the advent of modernisation and industrialisation, the city has had a modern makeover with a multitude of new housing projects emerging in Kanpur. Living a very good and satisfactory lifestyle is easily achievable in this city due to its affordability coupled with immense benefits to daily life.

Besides offering ample job opportunities owing to its status as an industrial and service sector, Kanpur is one of the perfect cities to live in because of its proximity to various other major cities in India. Residents are also given good access to a very reliable transportation system where the traffic is smooth. A plethora of entertainment options are also available, right from visiting malls to amusement parks to indulging in international retail outlets.

Yet before you invest in a property for sale in Kanpur, there are a couple of pointers you should turn your attention towards.



Location is of utmost importance. Depending on what you are looking for and where you wish to be situated, give your location factor a good thought before you buy a flat in Kanpur. For example, if you have school going kids and are also working, give heed to buy a flat that is in close proximity to both. Preside over your requirements and the amenities that you need, based on that make a list of the primary requirements and secondary requirements. Now taking reference from this, focus on investing in a flat that fulfills most of your primary requirements.



When looking to buy a property for sale in Kanpur make a note to check the prices of the flats you are interested in on various sites and confirm with more than just one real estate agent or broker. Overpricing is a trick used by many real estate agents and brokers where they increase the current prices while telling buyers that they are selling it for a lesser price, the buyer thinking that they have a good bargain, goes ahead and purchases the flat. While in truth the price that they offered is more than the actual market price.


False sense of urgency:

Real estate agents and brokers will continuously remind you of their potential buyers who are also looking to purchase the same flat you are interested in, just so that you can skip looking at other flats and purchase the one the agent is trying to sell to you. This is done to give you a sense of rush and the feeling that you will miss out if you don’t seal the deal regarding the flat immediately. Steer clear of this tactic and take a considerable amount of time to inspect every flat you are interested in.


Approvals and legal certification:

Paperwork can often seem like a daunting task or a nightmare but this is one of the most vitally important tasks that you must probe into and examine right at the beginning itself. If not ensured at the beginning, it can prove to be a very annoying hassle much later. The main documents that you should enquire into while purchasing a property for sale in Kanpur are :

  • Title deed
  • Release certificate
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Property tax receipt 
  • No-objection certificate 
  • Intimation of disapproval


Bigger picture:

Depending on how long you intend on staying put in one place, make sure that you look at the bigger picture before buying flats in Kanpur. Take into consideration the amenities you would require, the status of the neighbourhood and levels of security. Keep your eyes open for the values they are offering and if you will be able to appreciate them in the years to come. 

Kanpur is a wonderful city to live in and although there are numerous new housing projects in Kanpur that are being built, Ritu Housing is a real estate group whose broad vision has led to the creation of masterpieces that are definitely ahead of their time.