Ways to Pick the Best Independent Floors

The modern era of contemporary living is making a mark all across India with Kanpur being no exception. The lifestyle of an independent floor has its own pros and cons.....

In a rapidly advancing India, the landscape of metros and tier 2 cities are changing alike with skyscrapers and tall buildings to accommodate the constant influx of people in search of livelihoods. The city of Kanpur is also developing at a fast pace with tall buildings, shopping malls, and multiplexes and more popping around the city. But the future of living also means sharing a floor in a tall building with others which is not what everyone would prefer. This is why independent floors in Kanpur are a breath of fresh air, offering ample space, utmost privacy and a luxurious standard of living.

Interested in the thought of independent floors already, here are some of the factors you must evaluate before buying your first independent floor in Kanpur -


Commonly called price anchoring, it’s a shady trick used by real estate companies and brokers based on the day to day life of Indian culture, meaning the customer will only seal the deal when he/she perceives on getting a far better price than what’s listed on the price tag. Experienced buyers have a fair bit of experience on this already and will check on the current prices of the desired real estate through multiple sources before deciding to pay. Kanpur’s independent floors are no exception to this, so make sure to conduct proper research before making your final decision.

Unreal sense of urgency

In fear of losing prospective customers, real estate dealers often list fake buyers in line to purchase the real estate you desire in hope to create urgency and a sense of missing out. So, if you suddenly find your broker warning you of your preferred independent floor in Kanpur being sold out soon, make sure to check multiple sources before investing.

Conducting a thorough environmental research

Before buying your first independent floors in Kanpur in a whim, make sure to research the norms of the people and society and any other lifestyle issues that could arise in the neighbourhood that would impact living. Keep in mind that most of Kanpur’s independent floors and real estate are located in developing neighbourhoods and may pose several restrictions in certain situations.

Fix your budget

Your budget can severely affect what kind of independent floor you can purchase so make sure to set a proper budget for yourself. Always keep in mind that lower floors are usually priced higher than top floors, so make sure to decide first whether you want to dwell on the higher floors or lower floors.

Apartment Views

Whether you are buying an independent floor in Kanpur or any other city, it’s obvious to anyone that a great view from the balcony is a must-have. Make sure to check out several independent floor rooms to ensure that you get the best of city views from the preferred balcony. Higher floors offer far better balcony views since they offer broader city views so it’s important to consider first whether you would prefer lower floors of higher floors.


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