What Interior Designers Need to Know About Vastu for Homes.

With options open for plots, we also do give our homebuyers the opportunity to craft their dream home in Kanpur according to their liking

It does take some thinking into making any house into a home. Keeping this in mind a home is actually one which does spread a good amount of positive energy throughout. Before you go ahead and make a purchase decision of moving into a luxury apartment in Kanpur, its interiors are also something we need to consider. 

Many people often mistake this age old norm to lean more towards the design and construction aspects of the property. However, it is indeed much more. When we talk about any luxury apartment in Kanpur, they do make sure that Vastu compliance does cover the interiors of any home, assuring homebuyers that they will be blessed with positive energy throughout. 

What’s the Hype Behind Making your Flat in Kanpur Vastu Compliant?

Vastu shastra does play a vital role when it comes to any home’s interiors. It's often believed that your home should house interiors that have a specific arrangement that has a direct impact on the people living in it. This does bring about positive and negative energies into your dream home in Kanpur that does alter one’s lifestyle amidst this urban chaos.

Hence before furnishing your home do rethink about the accessories, colors as well as the furniture to be added in your home. Building a home is not a small investment to make. It does require a lot of funds,effort and time. Let’s assist you with a few pointers that would help you build a vastu-friendly home with any interior designer. 

Important Points that Make Your Home Vastu Compliant: 

Listed below are a few pointers to understand what makes a home vastu compliant.

  • Doorway- When it comes to vastu shastra, an entrance not only is a welcome spot for a family, but also for positive energy. Normally considered to be the archway of life, everyone wishes their dream home in Kanpur to be made to its best. 

Similarly, hee your doorway should be made of superior quality ensuring that you do face the north, east or north-east while you do exit your home.

Some other pointers to consider are:

  • Make sure its well lit

  • Do not paint your main door black in colour

  • Try avoiding animal figures around your main entrance

  • Make sure your main door open in a clockwise manner

  • Meditation Room- Keeping in mind that luxury apartments in Kanpur do offer their buyers a lot of space in their new homes, having a special room for meditation does help one’s mind, body and soul. 


Keeping this in mind, every designer should go about designing the room in such a way that:

  • Look forward to making the room face the North or North-East direction

  • Prepare a decorative alter that does house incense sticks

  • Paint the room beige, green or yellow 

  • Living Space- A living space is normally deemed to be a place where every family activity happens. It’s a place that does create a long lasting impression in the minds of guests. 


Here, every designer should work towards making the living space of any luxury apartment in Kanpur 

  • Make it face the North, North-East or even the East direction. However, at times your home could face the North-West direction

  • Look forward to placing furnitures in the West or South-West direction 

  • Add electronic points in South-East section 

  • Can look forward to adding a mirror in the Northern wallside to add an aesthetic vibe to the room

  • Bedroom- Did you know that at times, the smallest of things can turn one’s fortune around. Vastu does help your dream home in Kanpur enhance positive energy and a great vibe in a room made to relax to the max. 


Listed below are some pointers that would help you design your bedroom to its best:

  • Avoid placing a television or a mirror in front of the bedroom 

  • Do not look forward to having a temple, paintings that have a water fountain of any sort

  • Add modo lights that add a soothing effect to your sleeping space


Design your Luxury Apartment in Kanpur with Vastu:


There’s no one who is looking forward to stepping foot into their new dream home in Kanpur, Vastu does help bring about a lot of changes to your home. From bringing about positive energy to making sure that your family remains happy always. 


Keeping in mind the rise in demand for better home designs as well as better apartments that cater to the residents of Kanpur city. 

Looking forward to vastu homes in Kanpur, Ritu Housing does take those pointers into consideration. Keeping every minute detail into consideration, we have designed our homes to it best keeping every single vastu pointer into consideration. 

With options open for plots, we also do give our homebuyers the opportunity to craft their dream home in Kanpur according to their liking. With an overcrowded city like Kanpur being overcrowded with real estate developers, Ritu Housing ensures they are a step ahead of the rest by building the best vastu apartments that keep your family happy along with your homes.