Why Kids Play A Vital Role in The Home Buying Decision?.

Parents planning to buy a new home require them to also focus on various other factors such as a kids playing area, close vicinity to schools and hospitals, good neighbors, child care services, etc

Why Kids Play A Vital Role in The Home Buying Decision? Buying a new property comes with a lot of research doing and even more responsibilities. The prime factors of concern for any property buying individual usually are location, room space, cost per foot, etc. However, having kids at home changes these factors drastically. Parents planning to buy a new home require them to also focus on various other factors such as a kids playing area, close vicinity to schools and hospitals, good neighbours, child care services, etc. Let us look at a few important parameters that will help you find a child-friendly home.

Architecture & Planning

It is vital that your new home has a good architectural integrity and is also planned in a way that it suits the needs of both, parents and children. A child growing up in an unsafe or unstable building of any kind puts their future at risk. Always plan long term while investing in real estate. Natural ventilation is very essential and you should make sure your house has a well-planned and spacious interior for good air flow as well. The interiors of your house should be easy to keep neat and clean which will keep children safe and the parents happy. A good home to your kids will always be something that makes them feel safe, comfortable and secure.


The safety factor while buying a house is always a top priority for everyone. But even more so if you have children to worry about. One must make sure the property is located in a safe secure vicinity. You can also look into the crime rate of that particular area at the local police station to get a better idea. Other aspects such as neighbourhood watch, door locks, building access, etc. should also be thoroughly researched before zeroing down and buying a new house. Street lights around the building should be well lit once the sun goes down and the property should have CCTV coverage at all times. These are some extra precautions you can take to ensure the safety of your children at your new home.

Open Spaces

The secret to living a healthy and happy life in this concrete jungle that we live in today is to live close to nature. Even if it’s a man-made place like gardens and conservatories, it’s important for you and your children to have access to them. Try to find a Property in Kanpur that has a considerably low pollution rate so to gift your children some fresh clean air. Children privy to pollution from a young age tend to weaken their immunity and are thus prone to diseases. A house near any industrial area will also result in the same since these industries tend to blow out a lot of smoke and dust which can prove to be harmful to you and yours.


Another important aspect to consider while searching for the perfect home is to make sure the property is accessible by various means of transport. That is, anyone can reach your house through well connected roads. It is preferable to have a railway station or a bus stop in the close vicinity. This ensures that you can travel to places far and wide with ease and the same can be said for people visiting you. Easy commute is very necessary when you have kids at your house.


Basic amenities such as playgroups and schools are an absolute must. Nobody would want their kid traveling hours on a daily basis for education. It is tiring and can have negative effects on the child itself. Along with education, having other amenities in your close neighborhood is also necessary. Amenities such as hospitals and play areas are also quite important. A child needs its daily play time and good company. There are apartments in luxurious societies these days that offer all of these amenities in one place itself and are very convenient as well. Such societies are very much in demand these days. All of the reasons above and many others justify how and how much a child plays a role in buying a property or your new home. It is very essential and a huge responsibility on parents to make sure all of these needs and necessities are met. What you buy as a property, a child will call home forever.